Young talented rapper Jago Neok releases a banger and it a career break through – Wobete Kpa ft. Koo Ntakra

Young talented rapper Jago Neok releases a banger and it a career break through - Wobete Kpa ft. Koo Ntakra

Young talented rapper Jago Neok has released another banger and this time he featured Koo Ntakra; one of Ghana’s influential rapper. The song “Wobete Kpa” is receiving airplay across the ten regions of the country for it in-depth, knowledgeable content that comes with artistic delivery.

The young talented rapper has been in the Ghana music industry for quite some years now. He has a distinctively unique style that probably outmatches all the youngest and biggest artists Ghana has known. on hearing the song for the first time decided to approach the Accra base artist and have a chit-chat with him because he thrills us with “Wobete Kpa”

Like the tradition of, we always support the best and try to help provide the needed support for young talented musicians to also sell to the world their brilliant craft and luckily, Jago Neok is the fortunate rapper on our list this week.

From the song, Jago took us to the story of everyday relationship lifestyle where, most in case, a young boy would pick a lady from “the village” and bring him to the city in the name of love. Hoping the girl will love him back and eventually, get married to him. There are unexpected turns in the dating of such kind. Where the lady after experiencing city life will be drunk by pride and arrogant and later, dump the boy for another.


Jago has expressed this story in a more witty and crafted style into a song that makes the ear and the soul stagger on hearing it. When realized the sense in the talented rapper’s song “Wobete Kpa”, we wanted him to give a snippet of the song by himself and the opportunity to peep into his personal lifestyle. Here’s what he could avail to us and our proud readers.

” I am Jeffery Gyan Wilson, born and bread in Aburi in the Eastern Region and that makes me a proud Akwapem. My stage name is Jago Neok I have love music and wanted to rap when I was very young. I discovered the outstanding talent of a musician in me and the love to be a superstar was all that I thought about. So I have been in the industry underground doing my best to get to the limelight. Currently, I am a rapper, songwriter and a singer.

It has been all about hard work and prayers. I have done a couple of songs which are hits in Accra and Eastern regions. It’s my dream to add my quota to making Ghana music more appealing to the world and so I did “Wobete Kpa” with my talented brother Koo Ntakra, who is also an Akwuapim.”

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When asked him to tell us something about the song, this is what he said

Wobete Kpa is a song that tells a story about a girl I brought from the village to the city. She was very responsible though, but as time went on, she changed just because she had met all kinds of men in the city so she was misbehaving towards me. So the title “wobete Kpa” means she will be punished if she doesn’t change her lifestyle.” was inquisitive to know if the song was a real life happening or one of his creativity. Jago said it’s one of his creativity.

” As a musician, I always have to be creative and write a soothing song that gives advice and entertain my fans. So, wobet Kpa is one of my creative works and has nothing to do with my personal lifestyle.

To our surprise, he has financed the song by himself both recording and video shoot. He has uploaded the video to Youtube. Below is the video and right from there, we notice how serious Jago Neok is with his talent as a musician. He is hustling to do his best even in his unstable financial status. appeals to anyone who can support the young talented artists in all kinds of help.

Indeed, Jago Neok is a brilliant Young talented artist Ghanaians should expect in the music industry. He aims to take the game to another whole level for we can see, he has a big calculated and well-planned future. All that is left is for Ghanaians to support the talented musician, as supporting Ghanaian music fans has always been doing for the likes of Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, and Shatta Wale. strongly believes Jago Neok will never disappoint with his music career and will also, help to put Ghana music. on the map.

Download the audio from this link Jago Neok Ft. Koo Ntakra- Wobete Kpa