You will fail completely in your career for doing “Onipa Foo”. Prophet to Brother Sammy

Brother gets serious prophecy from Prophet

Brother Sammy now in serious banter with Prophet after his latest song.

After the release of his controversial ‘diss’ song ‘Nipafoo’ Gospel musician, Brother Sammy has received criticisms both from his colleagues in the industry and other people who have interest in the gospel music industry.

Latest to add his voice is the Head Pastor and Prophet of Alabaster International Ministries, Prophet Kofi Odoru who says Brother Sammy’s song is not one that can be described as a gospel music let alone to be sung in church. He describes the musician as a worthless ingrate who has forgotten about his poor background and is throwing his weight around today because he is making it in the industry.

“Who is more useless and worthless like you, Brother Sammy, but you were saved by his grace,” he said.

“Have you forgotten that you were sleeping in churches and people’s garage? Just because today you have some money in your pocket, you are spewing out gibberish to people” he added.

Brother Sammy in his latest single described people who are useless, worthless as well as those with tooth decay and bad breath as the ones who always spew out gibberish.

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The Gospel musician who is also known as ‘the worshipper’ is reported to have said that the song is a snippet of his single he wants to release.

But Prophet Oduro noted that he has been sent by God to tell Brother Sammy that he will go down until he repents.

“Thou saith the Lord, until you repent you are going down…your end shall be painful until you repent. You will return to the dust where you were in Kumasi and Sunyani because you have despised the Holy Ghost and despise the gift of God with you. God will replace you like King