Two corpulent friends celebrate birthday with 7 cows and 5000 cakes

Two corpulent friends celebrate birthday. (Left Aisha Salis Right Audrey Wise)

As long as the world has not ended, we shall always wake up to hear startle things around us.

Two corpulent friends have celebrated their birthday with seven (7) fat northern cows and five thousand (5000) birthday cakes with family and friends.

The two friends named Audrey Wise and Aisha Salis whose birthday fall on the same date and month  and year have surprised their family and friends with this year’s birthday as they astonished them with their solemnization.

The two ladies met in 2015 in tertiary school and have ever since become close friends. Their friendship began as a results of them being the most identifiable ladies in their class among other female course mates. And this was because, they were the only two ladies with big fat backside. And their friends used to call them (tumpus pululus girls) which means the girls with fat asses.

Audrey Wise

Aside the lecherous situations they made their male course mates gone through, the lecturers were no exception in all the lecture halls they stepped their asses in.

When Audrey and Salis were contacted at their birthday party, they said they miss creating attention for themselves and hence, decided to celebrate their 20th birthday with 7 fat Northern cows and 5000 cakes.

“Yes, we wanted to create a publicity in our area and we resolute to celebrate our birthday this way” they said.

They have made a history among their peers and families, adding that they aim at breaking a world record so that their names will appear in the World Guinness Book of Records.

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With the 7 fat Northern cows, Audrey consumed two (2) whiles Salis did (3). The other two (2) were shared among those who joined them at the birthday party. With the birthday cake, they hired 15 macho men to guide so that nobody touched them. Audrey Wise ate 3000 and Salis took the other 2000. Making the only two squander 5000 birthday cakes.

Their love once who joined to celebrate the birthday were so furious for not sharing the cakes with them.

Meanwhile there were orphans who bellies  were full with some of the 2 cows given to the family and friends yet denied to enter the birthday party.  When Audrey and Salis were asked as to why they passed over the orphans. They said

Aisha Salis

“We love orphans because we both have biological orphans. It is unfortunate that they have to celebrate with us and enjoy 2 fat Northern cows. Their bellies are full and not full now.”

Audrey Wise and Aisha Salis have promised to celebrate their 21 birthday with 11 elephants.



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