How did Tutankhamun die? Ancient mystery resolved

Pharaoh Tutankhamun; famously known as King Tut was one of the famous Pharaohs of Egypt. His reign was a big strange because, among all the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, he was considered to be the youngest. He ascended onto the throne of Egypt at the age about nine (9) and ten (10). It is important to know about Pharaoh Tutankhamun: The true life account of the boy king of Egypt

Alright, let’s get back to the death of Pharaoh Tutankhamun; the speculations around it and the facts about it.

In 1992, what may be considered perhaps the greatest archaeological discovery was the work of Howard Carter and his team on the tomb of Tutankhamun. When they discovered the ancient Egyptian tomb of around the 18th dynasty, it was very intact. Pharaoh Tutanhamun; the boy-king has since become a great deal in archaeology and history to study.

Lots of speculations have been made about his death, although, there are no vivid evidence or accurate conclusions about the cause of Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s death. Nevertheless, has deducted some of the speculations about King Tut’s death and they are presented in this article as you continue to read to find out facts and truth of the ancient world.

Ralph Mitchell, a Harvard advanced microbiologist has speculated that, from the look of Tutankhamnun’d tomb, there were dark brown splotches painted on the walls and that could suggest that, he could have been entombed before the paints had a chance to dry.

In the year 2005, a CT scan was taken Tutankhamun had suffered a compound leg fracture a short time before his death and that his leg could have been infected which probably could have caused his death. Again, in the year 2010, a DNA test on his remains showed that, he was had malaria in his system and that too could have caused his death.

In the same year 2010, German scientists said Pharaoh Tutankhamun could have been killed by a sickle cell disease. Other expert however rejected that findings and doubted a Tutankhamun could have been infected with a sickle cell. On the other hand, various diseases have been considered as the possible cause of his early demise. Diseases like Marfan Syndrome, X-linked mental retardation syndrome, Aromatase excess syndrome and temporal lope epilepsy, have all been speculated to have the chance to be the cause of Pharaoh Tutankhamun; King Tut, the boy-king death.

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In the late 2013, another research was conducted by Egyptologist Dr. Chris Naunton and scientists from Cranfield Institute conducted a research on “virtual autopsy” of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. From their research, they came out with the findings that Tutankhamun was killed by a chariot crash: that a chariot smashed into him whiles he was on his kneels and the crash shattered his ribs and pelvis. His findings was as a result of his research that revealed a pattern of injury down one side of his body.

Car crash investigators then created a computer simulation on chariot crashing. They then concluded that he could have been killed by a car crash.

As said earlier, there are lots of findings coming out everyday to find the cause of Pharaoh Tutankamun’s death. For now, there will be more speculations and attempts to explain the cause of the boy-king of Egypt death.