Transatlantic slave trade – the woeful history of Africa

Many woes has befallen Africa and the worst can be attributed to the Transatlantic slave trade. If Africa will forget anything in their history, the transatlantic slave trade will be an exclusion. The blame of the Atlantic slave trade has been on the shifting spree between the Africans themselves and the Europeans who colonized the continent.

Nevertheless, has admitted the fact that, Africans played an active role in the slavery activity in this article Africans sold each other into slavery before Whites colonialism? Misconception unlocked. With that being said, the woe the Transatlantic slave trade still remains in the memory of Africans even in this modern times of our world.

The Transatlantic slave trade was all about the transportation of African slaves from their indigenous geographical lands (countries) to Europe. This inhuman activity became a crucial business adventure between the 16th and 19th centuries.

The major victims of this transatlantic slave trade were from central and western parts of the Africa continent who were sold by their fellow Africans; But were all the slaves gotten from fellow Africans, of cause not, the Europeans also within their power of authority, captured people and turned them into slaves.

Why am I saying this, yes, because the Europeans needed the slaves to work on the development of their country. They needed the labor to work on tobacco, plantain, coffee, sugar and cotton plantations. Again, they used the slaves to mined gold, silver, grew rice fields, cut timber for ships, and less important, for domestic slaves.

For example, the first unfortunate victims transported to England were tagged as “indentured servants”. Why the name? Because they were considered to be workers and apprentices. In the early 17th century, children of the slaves were by legal means of the Europeans, turned to be the properties of their slave masters. You can imagine it yourself. Innocent children enforced into slavery by bloodline.

Portugal was the first European country to engaged in the transatlantic slave trade. History records that Portugal was the first country to arrive on the soil of Gold Coast (modern Ghana) on the west of Africa. They began to participate in the slave trade from the 16th century. Their first successful transport of slaves was accomplished in 1526 when they moved slaves to Brazil.

Other countries like Britain, Spain, Dutch and  France joined the bizarre human business venture. Statistics shows that, about twelve million (12 million) Africans became victim of slaves to Europe through the transatlantic slave trade.

Traveling across the Atlantic with thousands of people hauled in a ship was not a fun-loving journey. The Africans will go through “hell” before they reached their destinations that would changed their destinies for generations to come.

During the transatlantic slave trade, traveling on the oceans was very difficult as tidal currents made it uneasy for the ships available that time. In fact, comparing the type of ships loaded with slaves and the tidal currents of the ocean, you can imagine the woes the victims would be going through.

It is recorded that between the 1600 and 1800, the number of sailors that visited west Africa were about 300.000.00

The transatlantic slave trade was not only woeful because of the sojourn on the ocean. It also involved the maltreatment of the people considered “slaves”. Th threatening of people with guns, whips, beatings, and death. Nonetheless, the hunger and the strict rules that came along with the transportation of slaves in the transatlantic slave trade was that of a hectic one.

The transatlantic slave trade has depleted Africa from major aspect of developments. A lot but to mention few, human resources, natural resources, pride of belongingness “the dignity to be an African”, religion, culture, and most importantly, caused the life of more innocent people.

You will scale the  density of effect that the transatlantic slave trade had on Africa when you compare Slave transportation; From the land of “gold” to the land of nothing-

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