Slave transportation; From the land of “gold” to the land of nothing-

Before the colonization of Africa, Africa was once a beautiful land everyone would love to inherit. Really? Probably you’ll doubt me on this. But, considering the landscape, the resources; the green forestry, and the minerals that the land possessed, it deserved more qualification than to describe it as a rich land or continent for that matter.

Although, there were slavery system already in existence among Africans themselves and Facts unlock: Africans enslaved before colonisation? With that being said, the fact still remains that colonization did more harm to Africa than can ever be imagined. Alright, let’s get to know reasons why Africa is described as a land of “gold” in this Article.

Africa is full of natural resources

The natural resources of Africa is in abundance. All the natural resources you can think of in the world, about 95% of them can be found on the land of Africa or the African continent. To mention but a few of Africa resources are gold, diamond, salt, bauxite, aluminium, iron, cobalt, uranium, copper, petroleum, cocoa beans, and coffee. Nonetheless, Africa has mass deposits of woods and natural forest as well.

Rich Culture

Across the continents of the world, Africa in most cases, is notable for it rich sophisticated culture. Despite the many countries with various tribes, each has their own unique ways of life, but on the broader horizon, there is the sense of the “Africa entity” in the absolute different cultures. That is pretty amazing. For example, if the Akan group of Ghana is displaying their culture, and  “Zulu” of South Africa, one can still notice the integration of “Africa” things in these two distinct culture.

Again, the rich culture of Africa comes with arts and crafts. Africa has a rich tradition of arts and crafts. The arts and crafts of Africa is expressed through woodcarving, poetry, painting, sculpture and leather and brass work.  Also clothing styles, folklore and religion, music, language, and food play an integral part of Africa richness.

Traditional institutions of Africa

Africa has a well established traditional institutions. From the basics of family, where there is allocation of a level o power share. Thus, the family set up of Africans are that of a core general togetherness. From the very small family to the extended family, then to the society as a whole. Every family have a family head who supervises the affairs of the extended family of every bloodline.  

Also, there is a great deal in traditional government setup. Leadership is appointed and expression of power is determined by the level of authority a leader has. For example, the role of traditional rulers are expressed by the level of authority the ruler has. The Paramount Chief with the highest authority, down to the kings and queens, then to the subordinate rulers like the Chief Linguist, the “Sanaa Hene“; the minister of finance in the the Asante traditional setup of Ghana. 

  Africa leadership institution, is in a more dense form of the authority expressed in the system of democracy. In fact, there is a group that defends that, a parliamentary system of government “Democracy” was a duplicate of the leadership setup of Africa traditional system of government.
“large quantities of rare raw materials putting Africa under heavy pressures and tensions, leading to wars and slow development. Despite these abundance of natural resources, claims suggest that many Western nations like the United StatesCanadaFrance and the United Kingdom as well as emerging economic powerhouses like China often exploit Africa’s natural resources today, causing most of the value and money from the natural resources to go to the West and East Asia rather than Africa, causing further poverty in Africa” – Wikipedia 

The truth has been that, domination of Africa by the people of the land of nothing, did not begin in this 21st century of the said “modern world”. It started way back before time, the period of sailing millions of Africans by ships through the so called “slavery routes”. That was the slave transportation form the land of gold to the land of nothing. 

Kingdoms of Africa, were once worthier more than the Europeans who became the poor masters of rich innocent race. They then dominated them, enforced their traditions on them, and stole away their very human dignity and called them colonies. The barbaric treatment did not end there, they banished the ingenues people of African to their depleted lands, to do what? To extract their human ability to construct a paradise for themselves and their generations to come and be lords over the Africa race.  The worse was, they used the rich resources of the Africa lands to develop their poor homes. 

There were great personalities who displayed the richness of Africa beyond comparison to any other continent. One of such people is the man described to be more than wealthy than the definition of the word itself; Emperor Mansa Musa the man describe beyond riches history decoded: How truth is it who is said to be the richest man ever on this earth. 

Note: This has nothing to do with racism but rather, just laying facts that happened years ago literally. You can share your opinion to the colonization of Africa.