Shatta Michy breaks silence over Shatta Wale’s leaked sex tape: Here’s what she said

Shatta Mitchy
Shatta Mitchy (breaks silence over Shatta Wale’s leaked sex tape)

Finally, the queen of Shatta Movement, Shatta Mitchy has broken her silence over his king Shatta Wale’s leaked sex tape which is trending on social media.

Shatta Wale has mistakenly shared his Snapchat video in which a  lady gives him a nice blow job (bj) with his friend. This video when leaked to the public has been the talk of Ghana social media especially for bloggers and fans and haters of the CEO of SM Empire.

Shatta Mitchy, who has a Stonebwoy lookalike child with Shatta Wale has now come out to share her views on the unfortunate incident. Talking to ajonafrica, the SM Diva has said she feels remorse for his true love Shatta Wale for such an unfortunate situation to happen to him.

“Although, we are currently not close but it doesn’t take away how I feel for him. I feel embarrassed and ever since this incident hit on social media, I haven’t been able to go out in the public.”

Shatta Mitchy added that she knows his yet to be husband, could have done better than what he did.  Suggesting that at least, he should not have videoed the bj. The worst of it was that he did it with his undisclosed friend.

Shatta Mitchy

Moreover, Shattay Mitchy admitted that Shatta Wale needs spiritual help and she has together with her mother been going to prayers camps to pray for the “Dancehall King.”

“Last week I and my mother went to see Bishop Obinim to pray for Shatta Wale. I can feel that he is spiritually lost and needs our prayers and that of his fans and Ghanaians as a whole.” She said.

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Ajonfrica asked Mitchy why she hasn’t changed her name yet since it seems their relationship has hit the rocks. She explained that she has thought of changing her name but she wants to help Shatta Wale to recover his life first before she makes such step.

Shatta Mitchy believes Wale has lost control over his life and his sex tape was very unfortunate.

Shatta Mitchy performing with Shatta Wale on stage


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