Sarkodie angry at in-laws over Tracy…


Rapper Sarkodie is now pissed off at his in-law’s many demands and the glam marriage with Tracy may soon or later.

According to an exclusive source, Sarkodie has recently been complaining to his manager Angel Town about how his beautiful wife Tracy’s parents have raised their demands of late on him.

When Angel Town was contacted, he agreed to the fact that rapper Sarkodie has confronted him with the issue on many occasions as far as he could remember. And he decided to take the matter on.

Angel Town again said the in-laws of Sarkodie, established the facts in the matter. He said the parents of Tracy told him (Angle Town) that they have realized how inestimable their daughter is. And for that reason, they want Sarkodie to admit it.

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Although, they also said the Tracy bride price was considerate and Sarkodie loved their daughter that they could not deny him from marrying her if they had mentioned an amount they wanted to take from him. Angel Town continued that, the in-laws of Sarkodie love him so much that they want him to feel that.

Meanwhile, the rapper has said his in-laws forced him to pay an amount of $2m, three cows, two Bentleys, two mansions as the bride price for Tracy. He agreed to pay the bride price because he thought it was a one-time payment.

Now, Sarkodie’s in-laws are demanding ridiculous things from him.  Sarkodie says their requirements are getting out of hand and also too expensive.

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Tracy’s parents are requesting from Sarkodie to get them two Nokia 3310, A black and White TV, ten (10) tubers of yam, and three (3) 50 kg of Royal Aroma rice.

The Ghana influential rapper most complains the items are costly and for that matter, he’s angry at his in-laws.

On the other hand, his manager Angel Town has acquainted him to not pay the demands to prove his love for Tracy. With this plan, the in-laws will know how much it cost to marry a beautiful lady like Tracy.


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