Why the pyramids of Egypt were built: Ancient mystery decoded


The Pyramids of Egypt are surrounded with many mysteries and most of them are uncovered. Although scientists, archaeologists, Egyptology, and other field of researchers are trying their best to unveil reasons for the pyramids, yet, there hasn’t been a definite findings accepted by the masses and historians.

The actual reasons for building the pyramids of Egypt are now discussed in this article. With the sophisticated architectural brilliancy of the pyramids, how wonderful they were built, the core purpose for the pyramids of Egypt was that of “Religion” and nothing else. Yes, that is true and we’re about to dig deep into it.

The pyramids were tombs, lineally from the most primitive burial mounds. The Pharaohs of Egypt were regarded as gods in the flesh. Thus the Pharaohs were not ordinarily humans but their bodies were hosts of the Egyptian gods. This contributed to utmost revering of the Egyptian Pharaohs. Therefore, their bodies needed a holy place to be laid to rest when deceased.

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The Pharaohs were seen to be in that higher level of holiness that the Egyptians tried their best to preserve their deceased bodies from rioting, and so they adopted the mummifying technology. That was the extent at which the Pharaohs were reverend.

It was the religious belief of the Egyptians that, the living body was inhabited by a double called Ka, and the Ka needed not to die by breath. They belief the Ka would survive if the flesh was preserved from hunger, and decay. From this religious belief, and Pharaohs considered gods, their flesh needed a place for the Ka to continue to enjoy the luxurious lifestyle of the kingship.

Considering the heights of the pyramids, their stature and places built. They have the level of sentiment to deathless. The pyramids also have the natural form that can inhabit any homogeneous life. Moreover, the pyramids were built for permanency, full with the strength to be strong for generations.

The pyramids were furnished with all the luxuries there were to have, like the lavatory, treasures, food, with the aim to make the soul “Ka” of the Pharaohs to have a full fulfilling life. Slaves were killed and buried in the pyramids with the conviction that, they were to serve the Pharaohs in the afterlife. War tools were buried in the pyramids as well.

Other professionals were also provided in the pyramids in the form of paintings, and they could represent and serve the Pharaohs as real as in the awaken life. Professionals like painters, architects, artisans, farmers, were painted on the walls of the pyramids to signify that, they were to serve the Pharaohs.

All the indications and the constituents of the pyramids show that they were made for holistic purposes and in this case, the Pharaohs who were considered as gods and lords of Egypt.

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