Prophet Nigel mentions top two NDC members to die before December

Prophet Nigel
Prophet Nigel

The founder and leader of True Fire Prophetic Ministry has made a prophesy that there are another two top members of National Democratic Congress (NDC) to die by the end of December.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie foretold the death of two pivotal members of the NDC during church service on Sunday. In the delivery of the Prophecy, he said the two top members are the most important members of the NDC Party. He added that, if the NDC will win the 2020 general elections, it will be by the hard work of these two members of the party.

In the Prophecy, the Prophet gave a vivid account of how the two people will meet their unfortunate death.

He said the first man, will die by a car accident and the other one will be sacrificed for the party in the 2020 elections.

Although, he said he has been ordered by god to make that pronouncement and hence, if they take it serious, he can give them “akwakyere” to break that bad omen. Giving them a two-week ultimatum, for the two to come and see him for the necessary procedures to help avert the prophecy.

Nigel, made mention of the General Secretary and  the National Women’s Organizer of the NDC.


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