Pharaoh Tutankhamun wife Ankhesenamun life and tragedy.

Pharaoh Tutankhamun wife Ankhesenamun life and tragedy.

When we talk of Pharaohs of Egypt, everybody have heard about the boy king Pharaoh Tutankhamun, rarely do we know about his sister and wife Ankhesenamun. In this post of, the subject has turned on to Pharaoh Tutankhamun wife Ankhesenamun.

The tragic life of Pharaoh Tutankhamun wife Ankhesenuman, who was also his sister was very recognized in the ancient days of Egypt. Her life as well of that of her parents were demonstrated in detail in ancient reliefs and paintings during the reign of her family until his husband and brother Pharaoh Tutankhamun died. From there it seemed her life was erased from historical records.

Pharaoh Tutankhamnu wife Ankhesenamun was a queen of the Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt. Her parents had six daughters and she was the third child among the six. Ancient Egypt tradition demanded that the Pharoah kept along with a royal blood. This called Ankhesenamun to become the traditional wife to her own half-brother Pharaoh Tutankhamum.  They married at an early age when she was 13 years old and Tutankhamun was at 8 or 10 years old.

Pharaoh Tutankhamun wife Ankhesenamun was born at a time when Egypt was facing unprecedented religious revolution (1348 BC). The old deities were abandoned by her father when he was the Pharaoh and adopted the ‘ideal’ god Aten (The Sun disc). The religious revolution action by her father didn’t go down well with the priests of Egypt and the Egyptians worshipers of Ra. Unfortunately, Ankhesenamun was born into a world that was facing it chaotic era in term of religion.

Pharaoh Tutankhamnu wife Ankhesenamun had two elder sisters. They were Meritaten and Mekataten. She and them became the senior princesses. As ‘Senior Princesses” of such a powerful empire, they held the obligations to participate in the affairs of the government and also religion.

After the death of Ankhesenamun’s father Akhenaten, and following the short period of his successors  Smenkhkare and Neferneferuaten, she became the wife of Tutankhamun. Although they married at a tender age, but together they were to rule the ancient mighty empire; Egypt.

It is believed that, Pharoah Tutankham wife Ankhesenamun conceived two children in their marriage, and they were both girls but unfortunately, the children were born prematurely and died.  Evidence comes from the mummified remains of two babies found in Tutankhamun’s tomb and DNA analysis confirmed that they were daughters of Tutankhamun.  One of the children is known to have had a condition called Spengel’s deformity in conjunction with spina bifida and scoliosis.

Pharaoh Tutankhamun died at an early stage of his life, about eighteen or nineteen years. His death left Ankhesenamun alone without an heir in her early twenties. This article will let us know more about his death. The death of Tutankhamun and the mysteries behind it

When her husband died, she had to continue serving as the Queen of Egypt and played the major role that was expected from her.

An inscribed ring and gold foil fragments found in the Valley of the Kings depict Ankhesenamen together with her husband’s successor, Ay, but there is no clear indication that they were married. Her name never appeared within his tomb and it is believed that she may have died during or shortly after Ay’s reign, as she disappears from history shortly after his period.

It is not known where she was buried, and no funerary objects with her name are known to exist. This leaves the possibility that her tomb is still somewhere out there, waiting to be discovered. This may help to unravel the final fate of Ankhesenamun.