Only Witches are allergic to social intervention programs like NABCO


Agyei Johnson (AJ) Writes: 

It’s heartbreaking when people try to stand on the side of anti-positivity. Unemployment is one of numerous societal slavery in Ghana. Generations of graduates have suffered the handcuffs of unemployment for years, which has left many homeless, hopeless and impoverished.

The awkward aspect of the issue is, some governments have left office working in sweat to find possible means to reduce the rate of unemployment in the country, yet they couldn’t eradicate this social sour of unemployment.  Other governments in their wisdom made unemployment issues a needless topic to consider as a priority in their governance.

The head of the current government promoted “A better Ghana Agenda” ahead of 2016 general elections when he traveled across the villages, towns, and cities of Ghana and sorrowfully pleaded with Ghanaians to give him the responsibility to serve the country. I remember one of his debate for deserving to be given the undertaken as president of our dear country was “Unemployment”.

Fortunately, Ghanaians contributed to democracy at the polls of 2016 and made their decisions in their best interest. Voting His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the New Patriotic Party(NPP) into the Office of Presidency with the hope that, he will keep, if not all, at least major part of his campaign promises which, “solving unemployment” was dazzling in the middle of the lots.

True to his words, he has been on his task to bring to light his promises to Ghanaians to make Ghana a better place. This government has to introduce policies and intervention programs to help check the poverty rate of Ghanaians.

At long last, here comes “The Nation Builders Corps” (NABCo) and the just overthrown government; The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has come out with their best of wit and propaganda to rubbish this well-received social intervention program by Ghanaians, especially, unemployed graduates.

A peep into NABCo

Central to its objectives is to engage the raw talents of unemployed graduates and equip them with skills through a process of value addition and training.

The scheme will this year employ 100,000 graduates under seven modules; namely, Educate Ghana, Heal Ghana, Feed Ghana, Revenue Ghana, Digitize Ghana, Civic Ghana and Enterprise Ghana.

Placement in the NaBCo will last for a period of 3 years under a stipend of GH¢700 every month.

The NaBCo is opened to all Ghanaians who have discharged their national service obligations.

Where the anti positivity witches come in.

With this intervention that attempts to reduce the rate of graduate unemployment, there are political witches who out of shame for failing to help solve unemployment in the country with similar programs, are conjuring spells of propaganda to make a fool out of some hungry unemployed graduates that the NABCo program is not deserving.

I wonder why some politicians always think they have a special brain with unique abilities to reason than any other citizen. There are graduates who have stayed home idle for more than three and four years. And now, we get people who governed the country for eight years and couldn’t initiate a substantial program to tackle unemployment with all their experience and unique thinking ability. The worse of it is, they continue to spread the contagious propaganda disease in the name of politics to take away the cheese in the mouth of Ghanaians for their own selfish gains.

In my opinion, a little is better than nothing. At least, if you couldn’t do it, don’t be in the devil’s shoe to push away blessings. Ghanaians and unemployed graduates know what’s best for them. Let them decide whether NABCo is of their interest and beneficial and spare us with your lies.

Only Witches are allergic to social intervention programs like NABCO