The man Robert Mugabe

The man Robert Mugabe and a peek into his private life

The man Robert Mugabe is widely known by his political position in Zimbabwe as president. Speaking about Robert Mugabe is speaking about Zimbabwe politics. But what about diving deep to know about the prominent man Robert Mugabe personal life? In this post of, we discuss The man Robert Mugabe.

The man Robert Mugabe was born at a village Kutama Mission in Southern Rhodesia in Zvimba District, one of Zimbabwe 59 districts of 8 divisional province. Robert Mugabe was born on 21 Febraury, 1924 to father Gabriel Matibri and mother Bona. His father Matibri was a carpenter and mother Bona was a teacher at a Catholic school of catechesm in the village. The man Robert Mugabe has other five siblings.

The man Robert Mugabe was a good student. He tend to develop passion for reading in school and he would read alone than with others. He grew to become secretive in his studies. He would prefer reading alone to playing with his friends. Gradually, he became a brilliant student among his classmates.

Because he was raised in a more strict and disciplined home, he grew to be a disciplined man; one of a principled personality. The principled personality of the man Robert Mugabe is attributed to the strong Christian home where he was raised. His parents were Jesuits, and because of their disciplined religious culture, Mugabe grew into developing the character of self-disciplined.

In 1930 the opportunity he had to live in the catholic mission school came to an end as a result that, his father Gabriel had an argument with one of the Jesuits. The punishment was to expel the Mugabe Family from the mission house. The man Robert Mugabe had no option than to leave with his parents and siblings to a nearby village. Fortunately, Mugabe and his siblings were granted the chance to continue to go to the mission school….

The boy Robert Mugabe had grown into a young man by 1945 and had attain a teaching diploma certificate. He left his hometown Kutama. Between 1945-1960, Robert Mugabe taught at various schools around Southern Rhodesia. He was a teacher by profession.

The man Robert Mugabe won a scholarship to study at the University of Fort Hare in South Africa in 1949. All these while, he was not seen to have been associating himself with politicians or have engaged in politics. It was during his time in the university where he joined the African National Congress and attended African Nationalist meetings. Mr. Robert Mugabe left the university in 1952 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history and English Literature.

The man Robert Mugabe lived in Northern Rhodesia from 1955 to 1958.  Robert Mugabe moved to Ghana in 1958 and continue his teaching career in a Teacher Training college in Takoradi, a city of Ghana in the Western part of the country.

In Ghana he met his love Sally Hayfron; a Ghanaian woman. During his stay in Ghana, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah with other five men named the The big six (6) has gained independence for the country. Nkrumah became a role model to the man Robert Mugabe.

His political ambition started to develop from the exemplary political career of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. next post will be on the political career of the man Robert Mugabe.