Maame Serwaa sues Kumawood for industry collapse

Maame Serwaa


Maame Serwaa has sued Kumawood with the agenda that the industry players are idly collapsing the business.

Maame Serwaa is one of the most active youngest talents in the Kumawood film industry. She is also one of the actresses who live upon Kumawood but has suddenly stand to challenge the Twi film industry.

The young actress explains that the producers cannot make her go jobless and hungry for destroying the business that put food on her table.

Although, the very court she took her case to has been withheld for various reasons. When the actress was approached by some journalists for inquiries as to why she has taken that bold steps, she defended herself that she knows her rights.

“I decided to sue Kumawood because I know my rights. They can’t kill my career with their incompetence. And I am convinced my colleagues who depend on acting to survive are not pleased with me too. But I don’t care because they do care. I will force Kumawood to work again  through legal means.’

Popular producers, Directors,  Actors, and Actresses who will not disclose their names are also preparing to sue  Maame Serwaa. They are suing her for disgracing Kumawood.

But Maame Serwaa is not shaken with the producers and directors move. She is still going to press on her charges against Kumawood.

If the court verdict goes in favor of Maame Serwaa, he looks forward to receiving a collateral damage of U.S $2 million from Kumawood.

She explains why she wants that amount of money and what she will use for

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“Yes, I need that amount of money because I am broke. With U.S $2 million, I will change my wardrobe, eat from expensive restaurants, but most importantly, I will give my boyfriends have the money to marry me. ”

She thanked all her fans for the support from her beginning till now. And asked them to come and support her in court.

Court will sit on her case on 3rd of July.



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