Maame Esi – The Voice Ghana should treasure for it worth

Maame Esi is the voice Ghana should treasure

Talent hunt is very rare in Ghana; a West Africa country endowed with many treasures of both natural and human resources. Ghana Music Industry is more like the men’s game. There’s one common reality show on TV 3, a local television in Ghana that aims at searching for talented children called “Talented Kids”

Maame Esi appeared on the show in 2011, and the show witnessed a rare talent which was first of its kind. The competition was all rainbow for the young Voice, Maame Esi and she was crowned the winner. After the show, the country went blind and deaf from seeing and hearing about young voice or how she’d been doing with her talent.

In 2015, nearly four years later, Maame Esi released his first single after winning the show. She released her first single track “dreams”; a song written by missing musician Castro and produced by Kaywa and Shar.

The video of the single was shot in the United Kingdom, directed by UK’s biggest promoter, DJ Alordia, CEO of Alordia Promotion.

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There are quite a number of young talented musicians that have passed through the same platform but couldn’t push through the limelight. The likes of Tutulapato, Muhammed Awal, and many others.

This post is only awaking Ghanaians to draw their attention on young talented Maame Esi Awotwe as a treasure that needs serious attention. We hope the country hold her dearly for what it worth.