“Liberian citizenship laws are racist and discriminatory” President Weah

President George Weah is calling for an amendment of the portion of the Liberian Constitution restricting white people from becoming citizens of Liberia.
Delivering his first State of the Nation address on Monday, President Weah said there is nothing to fear if white people or people of other race were to become Liberian citizens.
Chapter 12 article 27 of the Liberian Constitution only allows Negroes and persons of Negro descent to become citizens of Liberia.

President Weah said the clause is racist, unnecessary and should be removed.
But some citizens, who spoke to Farbric News on the President’s state of the nation address, said they disagreed with his position on Liberian citizenship.
The Liberians said they are disappointed by the President recommendation to allow people of different color, mainly whites, to become Liberian citizens.