Inside the beautiful Luxor Museum: A must see pictures.

Ancient Egypt has so many to talk about. Throughout history, ancient Egypt has played a major role in the world. One of the prominent places that have contained the history of ancient Egypt is the Luxor Museum.

In this post, we are having the pictorial view of what you will see inside the beautiful Luxor Museum.

Before we see inside the beautiful Luxor Museum:

One of the best displays of antiquities in Egypt is located at the Luxor Museum opened in 1975. Housed within a modern building, the collection is limited in the number of items, but they are beautifully displayed.

The admission price is high, but it is well worth the visit. Visiting hours can be somewhat restricted, so find out upon arrival in Luxor.

Upon entering the museum, there is a small gift shop on the right. Once inside the main museum area, two of the first items that catch one’s attention is an enormous red granite head of Amenhotep III and the cow-goddess head from the tomb of Tutankhamun.

Spaced out around the ground floor are masterpieces of sculpture including a calcite double statue of the crocodile god Sobek and the 18th Dynasty pharaoh Amenhotep III (below right). It was discovered at the bottom of a water-filled shaft in 1967.

A ramp leads upstairs to more marvelous antiquities, including some items from Tutankhamun’s tomb such as boats, sandals, and arrows.

One of the major items of the whole museum is located upstairs – a reassembled wall of 283 painted sandstone blocks from a wall in the dismantled temple built at Karnak for Amenhotep IV (the heretic king Akhenaten of the 18th Dynasty).

There are numerous other antiquities of interest including a couple of very nice coffins. The museum also houses items from periods after the demise of pharaonic Egypt.

On returning to the ground floor, there is a gallery on the left (outbound)where there are a wonderful collection stone sculptures found in 1989 under one of the courtyards within Luxor Temple.

Now let’s see what’s inside the beautiful Luxor Museum