The historical facts of the Trojan Horse

Lots have been said about the Trojan Horse. Probably many of us have heard about the story of the war between ancient Greece and the ancient city Troy. Well, although the story sound astonishing and intriguing as well. In this our modern world, it will be difficult to believe such a mastermind trick could be used to induce the ancient people of Troy by the Greeks for victory. Well, history is considered to be the happenings of the past and large percentage of historic events that have been discovered comes with a level of facts.

In the previous post of, we discussed The Trojan War and in this post, the attention is on the history of the Trojan Horse.

The Trojan Horse:

The Trojan Horse is considered to be the element that played the pivotal role in the victory of Greece over Troy in a war that was fought in the ancient days. The war is dated back to the BCE approximately in the 12th or 13th century B.C.E. The war which is tagged as the “Trojan War” was fought for 10 years. It was after this 10 years fruitless siege for victory on both parties that, the Greece, propagated a deceitful trick of retaliation on Troy in other to win the war.

The Greeks constructed a huge wooden horse and hid a select force of men inside the horse. After that, the rest of the men pretended to sail away. The people of Troy upon the knowledge that the army of Greece had returned back home, they pulled the horse into their city thinking it was a victory trophy. When they brought the horse into the city of Troy, the Greeks forced to get out of the horse at the night. They opened the gate for the rest of their army who had secretly sailed back in the night to get access to enter into the city.

The Greeks after getting the chance to enter into the city of Troy, conquered it people and ended the war. The Tojan Horse became the symbolic element for the victory of Greece over Troy. The term Trojan Horse has since been used metaphorically, to mean a trick that cause a target to invite an enemy in a protected place.

There are many accounts given about the Trojan Horse. The actual ancient account was given in the story of Aeneid  of Virgil, It was a Latin epic poem written at the time of Augustus. The account is also given in the Odyssey a story by Hormer.

The Trojan Horse in modern technology, is a term given to a computer malicious program which tricks users into willingly using it.

The carved wooden horse called the Trojan, is commonly identified in the story of the Trojan War.