“Gringo” how Shatta Wale out-think critics.

Before Shatta Wale released “Gringo”, as usual, he had made the noise of it and how expensive the video of the song was. He talked about the song on almost all the social media platforms he has subscribed to.
Shatta Wale always acts distinctively unique whenever he appears on social media. He never forgets to address his sponsors, record labels and more importantly his fans.
Gringo is now released, people are eager to listen and watch the said “most expensive” video of Shatta Wale that he himself stood at the apex of his mountain and blew his own trumpet about.
Entertainment Pundits are ready to make their critics, SM fans and Bhim fans put on their suit to pass their comments on the song. Even non-music-lovers determined to read about the song.
At this moment, all that Shatta could do was to stay back and before the world woke up from the spell of “Gringo”, Shatta Wale had out-think them.
Within the first three days, Gringo was released, no artist in Ghana became relevant to talk about on radio and TV entertainment shows. All the talks were about Gringo. Bloggers were no exception.
Gringo has received both positive and negative comments.
Obviously, we didn’t need a prophet to predict where the applauds and thumbs downs will come from. SM fans and Bhim Nation Fans put the debate of how quality or poor Gringo is on a  spree. With this, Shatta Wale needed no promotion than just upload the song on all the available music outlets both international and local and enjoy the financial profit after his hard work as well as taking his brand to international as he aimed with “Gringo”.
To me personally, Shatta Wale has achieved his goal and once again has planted his brand in the minds of Ghanaians and the world with Gringo. I am not a Filmmaker neither do I have a professional background in making music.  But I strongly believe Shatta Wale with Gringo has been wise on how he has sold his brand to the world with this song. It’s will always be a great achievement whether those with the technical intellect of music see the song as an international standard and deserved the cost or not.
The truth is, Shatta Wale has out-think the world to put himself on the globe with Gringo.