Was Gaddafi a dictator as they told us? Truth shall always be true

The world was told that Colonel Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar Gaddafi was the deadliest tyrant or dictator during his time as president over Libya. The Europeans preached to the ears of Libyans and Africa at large that, they didn’t need a dictator who wanted no good for the people of Libya. They told us he was a thief, a dictator, and a cheat who was accumulating enormous wealth for himself and neglecting the good citizens of Libya. So they told us we did not need such a person. Was Gaddafi a dictator as they told us? this is the question we seek to find answers in this post of ajonafrica.com

Colonel Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar Gaddafi was born in 1942 and died in October 2011. He was born near Sirte to a poor Bedouin family. He was trained as a military man. Gaddafi became the ruler of Libya and his intentions were no different from every democratic leader. We have been told democracy is the best form of government. But what did they told us about Gaddafi?

This is what they told us about Gaddafi as a dictator.

A highly divisive figure, Gaddafi dominated Libya’s politics for four decades and was the subject of a pervasive cult of personality. He was decorated with various awards and lauded for his anti-imperialist stance, support for Arab and then African unity, and for significant improvements that his government brought to the Libyan people’s quality of life. Conversely, Islamic fundamentalists strongly opposed his social and economic reforms and he was posthumously accused of sexual abuse. He was internationally condemned as a dictator whose authoritarian administration violated human rights and financed global terrorism.

Was Gaddafi a dictator?

t is important to note that under Gaddafi’s reign, education and medical treatment was free for all citizens and if any citizen could not get the desired education or sufficient medical treatment inside Libya, that citizen was funded to go abroad.

Gaddafi is credited with building the largest irrigation system in the world which made water available to all Libyans across the country. He called it “the eighth wonder of the world”.

When a Libyan citizen wanted to venture into agri-business, all the production inputs were provided by the state, free of charge, and on top of that, a house and farmland would also be given free of charge.

When a Libyan woman gave birth she was given $5 000 (US Dollars) for herself and her child. When a citizen bought a car, it was subsidized with 50% of the vehicle’s purchase price.

If someone completed a tertiary course and graduated, but failed to find suitable employment, the state would pay the average salary of the profession until employment was found.

A portion of Libya’s oil sales was credited directly to the bank accounts of all Libyan citizens, as a form of dividend and for 40 loaves of bread, one would only pay the equivalent of 15 US cents. Electricity was free in Libya, which meant no electricity bills.

Newlyweds in Libya were given a $50 000 (US Dollars) gift.

Petrol was cheap in Libya at 0,14 (US Dollars) per liter.

Before his reign, the level of education was low, as only 25% of Libyans were literate and under his reign, the literacy level increased to 87% and 25% of the total population had university degrees.

Libya was the only country in the world to have its own state-owned bank, which gave its citizens easy access to loans with zero interest. And the country had no external debt.

He followed in the footsteps of the pioneer, Marcus Garvey, who first came up with the term, “United States of Africa”. Gaddafi wanted to introduce and trade in the African gold Dinar.

The Dinar was widely opposed by the West, as African nations would have the power to bring themselves out of debt and poverty and only trade in this commodity.

Gaddafi did some good things and tried at all costs to unite and empower Africa.

Read Muammar Al Gathafi: The green book, which was first published in 1975.

More good than harm was achieved under Gaddafi’s tenure.

So ajonafrica.com is asking if Gaddafi was a dictator as they told us, and still did this for Libya, then what will a democratic leader will be considered, a more dangerous than a tyrant after being controlled by the Whites Supremacy and stolen the resources of Africa, thereby impoverishing citizens of Africa.?