The funny concept of why Africa men marry many wives and why the women agree too

The funny concept of why Africa men marry many wives and why the women agree too

Polygamy has been the type of marriage institution in Africa more than any other continent in the whole world. Polygamy is not a modern marriage system. It has its own history dated back to the beginning of time. Why Africa men marry many wives? There are biblical records of polygamy. But why it is largely accepted in no other continent but Africa. has delved into the reasons why Africa men marry many wives and I am glad to present to you the funny concept of polygamy in Africa.

First of all, in Africa polygamy, it is the men who have the custom and traditional right to marry many wives. Under no circumstances should a woman marry two husbands. That is considered a taboo and if a woman falls a victim to it, she is punished as the traditions of the woman’s culture deems fit.

So let’s take a peep into the funny concept of why Africa men marry many wives and why the women agree to this type of marriage system.

High libido in men makes one of the reasons why Africa men marry many wives

This may sound sarcastic. But it is said to be one of the reasons why Africa men take many wives. It is believed that the drive for sex in Africa men is very intense. This makes the men who choose to go for a single wife go through sexual dissatisfaction because the wife may not have the strength and the desire to always give in to sex to her husband’s demand for sex.

To avoid misunderstandings and fights in the marriage, and to also help manage the sexual health of both the husband and the wife, the man is permitted to marry another woman. This will bring peace and love in the marriage. I don’t know how you’ll imagine this funny concept.

Polygamy shows the financial strength of the African man.

This is the second hilarious reason why Africa men marry many wives. In most African societies, a man’s wealth is somehow measured by the number of his wives. Yes, it is believed that, when a man has many wives, it means he has the financial ability to properly manage his home.

A rich man has the power to cater for his family. And it will be in the right sense to have many wives to oneself if you have the financial backup. As long as the man does not discriminate and cheat in his duty to feed his families, he can have as many wives he wishes for.

 When a man is sexually active

Don’t laugh at this one. Although it seems funny but not to Africans. In their world, only strong and active men are capable of having many wives. When a man is bold enough to get himself, wives, he is highly respected in the society because he proves to his fellow-men that he is a real man.

No impotent will dare try to disgrace himself with a woman. He will not even dare to marry one not to mention many wives. Only real men will go in for many women. And when I say real men, I mean real men who are sexually active and strong in bed.

Imagine you are a man and have seven wives. You are supposed to arrange your sleeping place so that, you’ll sleep with all your seven wives in the seven days. As a husband, you are also to ensure that your wife is satisfied sexually. So you are to have sex with your seven wives throughout the seven days. Yeah, you see it’s not a child’s play. And this is why it is an honor for an Africa man to marry many wives in his society.

Nevertheless, there are some religions that have expressed their stands in polygamy. For example, most African traditional religions, are of the view that, polygamy is the right system of marriage. Christianity on the other hand, abhor the practice. Meanwhile, Islam strongly supports the practice of polygamy.

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There are many Africa countries that practice polygamy and some are even backed by their constitution. Countries like

  1. Ghana
  2. Nigeria
  3. Kenya
  4. Togo
  5. Burkina Faso
  6. Zimbabwe

And lots of Africa countries practice polygamy.

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