Who are the Fellahin people of Egypt?

Who are really the Fellahin people of Egypt

Egypt has four main cultural group of people. They are the Nubians, the Bedouins, the Copts and the Fellahins. Among these four set of distinct cultural people, one of them is the Fellahins. In this post of, we are talking about the Fellahins people of Egypt.

Meaning of the name Fellahin:

The name Fellah was first recorded in 1735-1745. The word Fellah is from the Afrabic word fallāḥ [peasant]. Fellhahin is a farmer or a laborer or agricultural peasant from the middle east and north Africa.

The lifestyle of the Fellahin people of Egypt

The Fellahin people of Egypt constitute 60% of the population of Egypt. They are noted for living humble lives, and even as to date. they are still living in mud-brick houses like their ancient fathers. History has recorded that, the Fellahin people of Egypt were the highest in percentage of Egypt population before the 20th century.

The wife of the Fellah wears dresses with long sleeves and trailing flounces and a black veil, which she sometimes uses to cover her face. On market days and other special occasions the women wear earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. These ornaments are usually made of beads, silver, glass, copper, or gold. They make a pleasant musical sound as the Fellah walks along the dusty lanes of the village. Most of Egypt’s Fellahin live in the villages along the Nile.

The profession of the Fellahin people of Egypt

They were the rural peasants who provided the Pharaohs with both the manpower to build their majestic monuments and the food to support the workers. Even today, the people of Fellahin wrest two or three crops from their tiny fields in a futile attempt to feed Egypt’s ever-expanding population. These farmers live in small villages, often settled by their Pharaonic ancestors, scattered along the Nile.

The Fellahin people of Egypt are recognised as the group who cultivate food to feed Egypt. They are playing a pivotal role in the everyday lives of Egyptians.

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