Emperor Mansa Musa the man describe beyond riches history decoded: How truth is it

Emperor Mansa Musa is recorded to be the wealthiest man ever lived through out generations. Emperor Mansa Musa was the King of the Ancient Mali Empire, an Empire of ancient Africa. Africa history that connotes to riches cannot be written without Emperor Mansa Musa, and oh, that of the world at large from generations.

Emperor Mansa Musa is referred to as the richest man of all time. We are about to discover how factual this is as history has attributed all time wealthiest man to Emperor Mansa Musa.

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Ancient Mali was resourcefully endowed with gold. During the reign of Emperor Mansa Musa, Mali was the notable empire with large percentage in gold production. When he ascended on the throne as an Emperor of the Mali Empire, of course he became the ultimate ruler over all the lands of Mali and it resources. After he succeeded his predecessor Abubakari Keita II, he began to accumulate resources to build a stronger Mali Empire, became a merchant and traded with surrounding and far countries.

Emperor Mansa Musa embarked on  many expeditions of which he benefited in recruiting human resources to use for building Mali Empire. Architects, Scientists, Mathematicians, Medicine men and other human resources that could help him strengthened his empire.

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Emperor Mansa Musa is said to have worth $400 billion today, when his wealth are to be converted into today’s U.S dollars. Amazing! His riches were beyond imaginations and somehow surprising to describe.

He surpass the names of RothChild, Rockerfella, The Queen and any world richest person you can think of.

Emperor Mansa Musa was born in 1280, died at 737 years old on 1337.

Mansa Musa I, as his birth name was so far holds the records to be the riches man of all time. Indeed, Africa as a whole once was wealthy and so was it people. The story today is different.

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