Black Archaeologist responds to Trump with this letter on “Shithole” comment

If Donald Trump Only Had The Decency To Explain How Those Countries Became Shit Holes.

Racist America imposed economic navel embargo on Haiti because it won a successful slave revolt against white supremacist slave holders, then corrupt black dictators, looted the country of its wealth for decades, and then it was struck by a devastating Earthquake, which to this day they still haven’t recovered from, these are the reasons Haiti is a shit hole, not because they’re black people.

There are many African countries that could be considered shit holes, and they all got that way by America installing corrupt black dictators, who don’t give a …. about their own people, they work for the interest of American businesses, and themselves. That’s why they’re shit holes. not because they’re black people living there., and as soon as any country has a people’s revolution to over throw a corrupt dictator, America is the first one to support the dictators, sending them arms, and tax payer funds.

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