Ancient Africa technology and science that modern world is benefiting.

It is very sad that Africa is sometimes counted out in issues like inventions, technology and science. Although, history has said civilization started from Ancient Egypt. This proven fact is still debated on the basics that, Africa was not discovered by then during the BC era.

Another sad account is that, the vast majority of discussions on the origin of science and technology are attributed to the Greeks, Romans, and other Whites. Meanwhile, science and technology has evolved and been in existence in Africa for more than 40,000 years ago. Unfortunately, there is less attention paid to the sophisticated and impressive inventions and technologies from the sub-Saharan Africa, and only little attention is paid to Ancient Egypt’s achievements which sometimes even face doubts.

Well, holds the facts that, Ancient Africa has done more good in the advancement of technology and science. In this article, will reveal ancient Africa science and technologies that our modern world is still benefiting of which most of them were invented by Africa in the ancient times. Get yourself together and let us get into it.


The reading and acquiring knowledge about the universe has long been started by ancient Africans. There are several ancient Africa cultures that gives evidence that, astronomy was a technology that had it birth in ancient Africa. Egyptians charted the movement of the sun and constellations and the cycles of the moon. Their inventions came along with dividing the year into 12 parts and developed a year long calendar system which contains 365 1/4 days. Ancient Egypt also introduced clocks which were made with moving water sundial-like.

Africa Stonehenge, a structure in present-day Kenya which was constructed around 300.BC, was an accurate calendar. Again, the Dogon people of Mali discovered astronomical details of their lives. Their discoveries was so sophisticated that some modern scholars credit their achievement to aliens instead of the ancient people of Mali. In the Dogon astronomy, they recognized the spiral structure of the Milky Way, Saturn’s ring, and Jupiter’s moon.


It is unfortunate that, few of us know that many modern high-school concepts of mathematics were fists developed in Africa and the first method of counting. Ancient Africa technology was so powerful with intelligence. More than 35,000 years ago. Egyptians wrote textbooks that included divisions, additions, and subtractions. Again, Egypt also introduced the calculation of distance and angles. Amazingly, ancient Egypt considered a circle to have 360 degrees and estimated at ﬣ at 3.16

In the invention of ancient Africa technologies and science the Zaire people developed their own numerical system likewise the Yoruba people, present-day Nigeria. The Yoruba’s numerical system was base on units of (20) instead of (10). It also required an impressive amount of subtractions to identify numbers.


We have all been told that Europeans were the first to sail to the Americans. However, there are several lines of evidence that tells that, ancient Africans sailed to Asia and South America hundreds of years ago. Thousands of miles of waterways across Africa were trade routes. Through the inventions of ancient Africa technology, many ancient African kingdoms built boats of 100 feet long and 13 feet wide that could carry load of 80 tons.including small reed-based vessels, The sailboats and grander structures had cabins and even cooking facilities.

These powerful inventions clearly shows that, ancient Africa was fortified with technological and scientific knowledge. Ancient Africa technologies has contributed to the development of modern science and technology extensively and it serves right, to give them attribution.

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