Ancient Africa religions practice today in Europe: Facts unlocked

As history has recorded that Ancient Africa was a very powerful continent and ruled over the world for quiet a longer years. Ancient Africa is attributed to have be the originators of many modern civilization systems. Systems like religion is therefore of no different. There are facts that proves the world is benefiting from ancient Africa invention: Religion

The question still remains what are the religious practices of Ancient Africa that are practice in Europe in this 21st century? Well this is the purpose of this article to uproot the religions of Ancient Africa that Europeans are practicing today.

In this article, I will use Ancient Egypt to represent Ancient Africa to deliberate the religions of Africa that are actively engaged in by Europeans in our modern day. Alright, let us go into deciphering what religions I am alleging.

Ancient Egypt religion was one of a complex system of polytheistic beliefs and rituals which were an integral part of Ancient Africa societies. Ancient Africa religions practice were that of worshipping a multitude of deities which were believed by the people to have control over elements like earth, air, fire, water, and humans as an entity.

Ancient Africa religions were into four main independent systems. These religions included

  • Memphis Theology
  • Hermopolis Theology 
  • Theban Theology
  • Heliopolis Theology

These were the four main religions practiced in Ancient Africa especially within Egyptians territories. In the four main religious theology, I am to break them into


Ancient Africa religions practice was one of a cosmic centred belief concept. They belief  the universe was centred on Ma’at; it was the fixed, eternal order of the universe and has been in existence since the creation of the universe, and without it the world will lose its cohesion. The concept of cosmic is that there were deities or forces in existence long before creation and they are eternal. In today’s European religion like Christianity, this cosmic belief is common; there there was God, the supreme over everything before creation and he is eternal. On the part of Islam, Allah is eternal.

After Life: as ancient Africa Religion (belief)

Ancient Africa believed death was not the end of humanity or living. Ancient Africa religions believed the “live after death concept. Ancient Egypt believed the human body possess a “Ka” which left the body after death and continued to live.

Originally, however, the Egyptians believed that only the pharaoh had a ba, and only he could become one with the gods; dead commoners passed into a dark, bleak realm that represented the opposite of life. The nobles received tombs and the resources for their upkeep as gifts from the king, and their ability to enter the afterlife was believed to be dependent on these royal favours. In early times the deceased pharaoh was believed to ascend to the sky and dwell among the stars. Over the course of the Old Kingdom (c. 2686-2181 BC), however, he came to be more closely associated with the daily rebirth of the sun god Ra and with the underworld ruler Osiris as those deities grew more important.

Today Europeans religious bodies like Christianity and Islam belief there is an after live which is about judgement for either eternal stay in Paradise or eternal damnation in a burning fire.

Hymns and Prayers: as ancient Africa religion (practice)

The Ancient Africa religions practice singing of hyms and prayers. the Egyptians produced many Hyms prayers written in the form of poetry. They sang and prayed with those scripted hymns and prayers to their deities of which they strongly believed the gods answered their prayers. Nothing has changed in todays Europeans religions in terms of hymns and prayers in religious practices. Christians sing hymns and pray to God. This religious believe was in doing long in the early centuries in Africa.


The great Pharaoh was considered divine to the people of Egypt. They believed he was a god in the flesh and all respect and divine fragrances deserved the Pharaoh. Although the Egyptians knew the Pharaoh was human with human weakness but they considered him as human with divine qualities. Hence they worshiped the Pharaoh as a supreme human being and level him to a god. Not only the Pharaoh of Ancient Africa was worship. Ancient African Emperor describe as all time rich of the world was also worshiped and considered to be a god in the flesh.

Much has not changed in this 21st generation. It seems Europeans religion Catholicism, is practicing similar religious belief. The Pope of Catholics, is reverend as a human with divine qualities. A human with no blemish or whatsoever related to sin. Th Christian community worship the Pope for his holiness.


These above Ancient Africa religions practice are still in display in Europe today. Maybe you may not call it Memphis Theology, Hermopolis Theology ,Theban Theology, Heliopolis Theology but there are similarities in their religions.

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