Ancient Africa inventions that changed the world even as today

Africa played a pivotal role in changing the world in civilization; there are surprising inventions that the world is benefiting today in our modern day which were invented by Ancient Africa world. Ancient Africa inventions has contributed to modernization and in this 21st century.

Ancient Africa and Africans contributed more than we can imagine to today’s world. Kingdoms and Emperors like Mansa Musa took a great undertaken to add their quota to the world in inventions and civilization.

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Alright, let get to know the Ancient Africa inventions that is affecting the world today in civilization.


History of mathematics is placed heavily on Ancient Africa. The oldest mathematical object discovered is the Lebobo bone, discovered in the Lebobo  Mountains of Swaziland and it dated approximately 35,000 BC. It is said many of mathematics concept applied today in schools were developed in Ancient Africa.Over 35,000 years ago, Ancient Egypt wrote textbooks about mathematics that included addition, multiplications, and divisions, and geometric formulas.

The invention of medicine:

Undoubtedly, many treatments used in this 21st century modern medicine were invented in Africa many years ago. For example, the earliest surgery was performed in Ancient Egypt around 2750 BC. There are many medical procedures the were performed in Egypt before they were introduced in Europe. Medical procedures like bullet removal, skin grafting, filling of dental cavity,anesthesia and brain surgery.


I guess you are wondering why I mention speech as an invention and particularly, invented in Africa. That’s good to debate with me.  By using estimates with support by archaeology, and paleontology, other evidence suggest that languages possibly are part  of Ancient Africa inventions that emerged from Africa. History has recorded languages developed around the Middle Stone Age from sub-Saharan Africa, therefore it can be said the first human language was spoken by Africans, and that is a marvelous Ancient Africa invention to speak of.

Architecture and Engineering:

Ancient Africa empires and kingdoms developed a vast array of structures that were first of a kind int he architectural and engineering world. Ancient Egypt is know to be the first empire to begin building amazing monuments along the Nile., of which among the lots, were the famous pyramids. Nevertheless, the architectural and engineering inventions in Ancient Africa was not limited to famous Egypt. Empires like Zimbabwe and Mozambique made massive stone complexes and huge castle-like compounds around the 12th century in hundreds of great cities of these empires. In the 13th century, Ancient Mali boasted about building enormous cities like Tumbuktu, with great mosques, and grand buildings like university.

In fact, ancient Africa and did a lot for today and the world is still benefiting. Though, their inventions have witnessed great advancement but, the basic attribution goes to ancient Africa.

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