Alexander the Great Pharaoh of Egypt? Secrets of historic mysteries revealed

Alexander II of Macedon, widely known as  Alexander the Great, did great work to single-handedly conquer many ancient empires and ruled over them, including the once greatest empire that reign over the world for 15,000 years  By his works the history of the Ancient world changed.

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Alexander II was born in July 356 BC in Pella, which was the capital of Ancient Macedonia. His parents were Philip II and Olympias of Mecedon. Alexander attained his education from the Philosopher Aristotle. He ascended to power over Macedonia after his father Philip II was assassinated in 336 BC. At the time he inherited his power, the empire of Macedon was at it peek of volatility. So Alexander swiftly dealt with his enemies.

In the year 332 BC, history changed for the ancient glorious African empire Egypt, when Alexander the Great Pharaoh was in Egypt and saw by himself the mystical powers endowed onto the Egyptian Pharaohs. His power drunkenness triggered an untold story; a wish to be the god among men on the soil of Nile, because that was what the Pharaohs of Egypt were considered to be; gods in the flesh.

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The Pharaohnic history of Egypt changed for the first time in history where a foreigner from Mecedonia was crowned as the imperial majesty of Pharaoh over Egypt. By the time Alexander entered into Egypt, in 332 BC, the Egyptians were under Persians oppression. Alexander the Great had already conquered Persia in November 333 BC in a battled that was fought at Anatolia.

The Egyptians handed the “god power” onto Alexander the Great and he warmly accepted the kingship. He even went too far by accepting to submit to the Egyptians culture, ceremonies, and in addition wore Egyptian’s dress.

During his reign as Alexander the Great Pharaoh of Egypt, he ordered to built a city at the mouth of the Nile river and named it Alexandria. The city became one of the fortified cultural centers in the Mediterranean.

Alexander the Great Pharaoh of Egypt, whiles in the Empire of the desert and Nile river, he made another remarkable journey, through the western desert to the temple of oracle of Amun, at the Oasis of Siwa. Alexander the Great Pharaoh of Egypt at Amun was given the title Amun Ra which translate “The Egyptian god of the sun” He became the first Pharaoh to have taken that bold step to complete such a dangerous journey.

In 331 BC Alexander the Great Pharaoh of Egypt left the Egyptian empire as a changed man. He never returned to see what the city he built in Egypt had become.

This accurate historic event testify that Alexander the Great was once a Pharaoh of Egypt.

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