When Akon talk Africa, he disgraces America to earth

Akon is a Senegalese born, and African-American Hip Hop world star who has made it to the top in the America entertainment industry, and that of the world for that matter. A sudden turning point has hit the singer in a more positive way in 2014, when he initiated a project “Akon Lighting Africa” to help provide electricity to Africa countries.

The initiative has been a dream come true for many Africa governments because, electricity is one of the commodity Africa lack, unlike other continents like Europe, and Asia.

The Africa royal child Akon, has a perception that, Africa can only change Africa by Africans themselves. It seems the over dependence of African on foreign aid has given other countries and continents in a broader sense, the power to control Africa and publish things that do not speak any positive about Africa.

Akon has said the initiative, of “Akon Lighting Africa” project through provision of solar energy to Africa countries is more than just providing electricity. He said on the long-term run, it a sign to empower the youth of Africa through entrepreneurship that will help to develop Africa.

Ever since Akon with the help of Thione Niage and Samba Bathily launched the  project, the icon musician has been spoking on many entrepreneurial and development forums.

There has been a common theme throughout his speeches on any platform given. The theme has been empowering Africa through its youth to develop the continent. He has been on the subject that African has suffered in the hands of the Whites for centuries. The White man has brainwashed the children of Africa that everything good comes from the White man. He strongly believe that has been a conspiracy of the White to control and take advantage over the people of Africa for many years and it is time Africa free itself from this chains.

In one of his speeches, he said there are more negative and bizarre happenings going on in the states everyday, but the world do not get to see or hear about them. He affirmed that, America will only feed the world with what they choose and what they want the world to see and hear about them.

Unlike Africa, everything that is publish about the continent is far from positive. He has blame Africans themselves for availing to the world anything negative about them.

Akon has been speaking and admonishing the Media channels in Africa, Africa musicians, bloggers and institutions or corporations or individuals that produce content to concentrate on publishing positive contents about the continent.

He is calling Africans to re-brand the image of Africa towards positivism, and he believes that will make the continent more attractive and pleasant to live on.

You can read more on Akon’s project at http://akonlightingafrica.com/