Africa kingdoms that existed before Christ

Civilizations is said to have have it roots from Africa. Great Kingdoms existed in Africa before the “Savior” of the world was born. Africa with strong established kingdoms existed before the rise of Europeans. From the shores of Nile to the soil of Ethopia, kingdoms existed with their glory there was to have before the Europeans were recorded in history books.

King Pharaoh Sultans. Call them what you will but giants once roamed the earth, giants with the will of cast iron and hearts as fierce as dragons. The sands of time pour backwards; the tombs of history are flung open_Africa pours her heart of secrets.

Alik Shahadah once said “African civilization is not measured by the heights of tall buildings but by the quality of human relations.” Indeed Africa modernization is not found in high towers and modern luxuries, but there existed a strong civilization system of governance; Kingdoms with witty rulers who ruled the world.

The world recognizes Africa were first in everything. Europeans have been firm in holding up themselves as creators of civilization. That only when people left Africa did civilization came into existence. Really? All right lets consider this fact. “Afad 23, is an African archaeological site found alluvial deposits formed by an ancient channel of the Nile in the Afad District of Southern Dongola of Sudan. Archaeologists from the ‘Institute of Archaeology’ in Poznan unearthed the remains of of a settlement provisionally estimated to be 70,000 years old.

Ancient Egypt:

It is well established that, the first people able to call their land as “Motherland” were the Egyptians. Ancient Egypt flourished in agriculture between 4400 to 4000 BCE, and probably already existed as far back as 5000 BCE.

Through history, the kingdom of Pharaoh is recognized as the most powerful kingdom that once existed among other kingdoms before Christ. The dynasty of Pharaoh still plays a pivotal role in Egypt governance to this modern times.  The Pharaoh Narmer also called Aha Mena founded the first Dynasty of Egypt by fusing together the two lands of upper and lower Egypt. Narmer then established Memphis as his Dynasty capital.

The third Dynasty of Egypt was ruled by Pharaoh Zoser around 5345-5043 BCE. In the earliest government of the third Dynasty of Egypt, the great world pyramids were constructed by Pharaohs Khufu, Khafa, and Menkaura. This monuments still out-beat other so called world higher towers and sophisticated buildings. All because there was a great kingdoms called Egypt even before Christ was born.