Africa Before Slavery

Africa before slavery and the things of Africa before the white man invaded the continent. Many think Africa was far advanced in both technology and other forms of development like agriculture and war tools than most of the world contents. Yes, history concord to the fact that, modernization started from the continent; Africa and you read it in detail here Ancient Africa inventions for accurate facts.

Africa never stood still and allowed foreigners to impose their culture on it, Africa was actively participating in all kinds of everyday activity there was, and there is even today. Talk of Science, trade, agriculture, technology, education, entertainment, and music. Africa had it all, and most importantly governance, History has recorded that Africa reign over the world many years and here for more than 15,000 years. You can gather the facts from this article, the evidence in history that proves Africa ruled the world over 15,000 years.

Africa had a solidified system of government that was packed with respectable laws to govern kingdoms. Before the White man stepped on the soil of Africa, he came to meet a well grounded system of government on the continent.

The white man saw the unity, the caring relationship among the inhabitants of the continent.

Africa is a historical part of the world be it education, technology, culture, and any other entity of human life.

There is a school of thought that I hold no fact in it and it says, humanity originated from Africa. This may sound bizarre but with all indications from history books, probably there is an iota of truth in it.

Great men from generations has tried to dispute the fact that the history of the world cannot be written without the Africa entity in it.

David Hume once said “I am apt to suspect the Negroes to be naturally inferior to the Whites. There scarcely ever was a civilized nation of that complexion, nor even any individual, eminent either in action or in speculation. No indigenous manufacture among them, nor arts, nor sciences.”

Despite the try to erase Africa role played in the world advancement from the history books. Africans have also stood to defend their share and the role they played in the process of institutionalizing education, science, technology, agriculture and anything called civilization.

Issac Osei once said “Africa had a history, long before the Europeans came to our shores. But the Europeans came to our shores and because they were attracted by those who came first found (in our case it’s gold), and the first European establishment which established in Ghana was established at a place called El Mina, (The Mine), because gold was so abundant and they came with their manufacturing products in exchange for gold. So the Europeans initially came to our country to trade! As partners. It is perhaps the error of the slave trad which changed the perceptions of Europeans about Africa, when our own people were regarded as commodities.”

Of course these examples of controversies simply decode the puzzle that, there was a continent called Africa, otherwise, the debate would not be relevant. For clarification purpose let’s see

To solidify the idea of Africa existence long before Europeans domination, institutions of Africa Kingdoms will be a of a great help. facts that proves Africa was in existence and advanced before colonialism

The people of Africa is more than a name, it is linked to traditional institutions like rulers of great kingdoms.There were many strong kingdoms on the soil of Africa even before Christ. Nations like Ethiopia and Egypt are Africa nations that once established large kingdoms in the world.

Religion is no different. Before the Whites introduced Christianity, Africans practiced religion. They believed the supremacy of one true God and worshiped God through lesser gods.

J. O Awolalu said “Religion is a fundamental, perhaps the most important, influence of most Africans.”

Most of the spiritual systems practiced by Africans, whether native or mainstream were very organized.

Indeed, Africa was not wretched before slavery. Africa was a dream continent for both prominent and common people of the other lands to visit, and perhaps dominate to possess it rich natural resource. Africa was once a *golden* continent. History never lies, the fact on  Africa slavery

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