7 simple but funny reasons why Africa women don’t propose to men

7 simple but funny reasons why Africa women don't propose to men

It is always beautiful when we see women doing what has been supposedly acclaimed as ‘for men’. For me personally, I admire the scene when I come across a woman driver, a woman playing soccer. I am attracted to such moment naturally. But, one thing that I still contemplate about in Africa societies is when it comes to the proposal of love.

Rarely will you see an Africa woman propose to a man she loves? The deal has always been that, it is the woman who should wait to be selected whiles it is the man’s duty to select the woman he wants to date or marry. In fact, an Africa woman will dare not to propose to a man.  So why Africa women don’t propose to men?

Fortunately,  modernization and social media impact on Africa culture has been huge and dating and marriage is no exception. Globalization has gradually metamorphosed the ways of typical Africa society and issues relating to dating and marriage is no different. Nowadays there have been some cases where an Africa woman proposes to a man yet it is still not widely accepted and I hope the society will come to understand the culture that love is not supposed to be a one-way affair.

In this post, we are about to identify seven reasons why Africa women don’t propose to men.

Africa women don’t propose to men because tradition abhor the act

Tradition is a very pivotal ingredient in Africa societies. In most Africa communities, it is a taboo for a woman to ever think of proposing to a man. The accepted cultural practice of marriage arrangement is that it is the man who’s to search and find the woman he desires to marry. The man is the partner that ask the woman’s hand in marriage.

There is no option where a family will accept a marriage that the woman was the one who asked the man’s hand in marriage. That is absolutely insane in Africa cultural practices and tradition. So the real Africa women don’t propose to men if she really wants to be recognized and accepted as a cultured and true Africa woman who is proud of her tradition.

Africa women don’t propose to men simply because they’ve been taught to be passive

Yes, this is true and somehow sarcastic. Even today, in a more sophisticated and modernized world, Africa women still think they have to be always at the receiving end. This means the Africa woman will prefer to wait for the man to ask her out on a date, wait for the man to buy her a drink, wait for the man to message her on Tinder before she responds.

The Africa woman thinks she will be considered to be desperate to have a man if she makes the first move. And because she wants to protect pride and dignity of her womanhood Africa women don’t propose to men. They don’t want to be criticised as they rushed into men or they are prostitutes. Yes, the society will tag the woman who is found of proposing to men as a prostitute and that will degrade the true African woman. To avoid this humiliation and social stigmatization, Africa women don’t propose to men.

It’s a disgrace  to the woman if the man fails to accept her proposal

Like the psychological exercise, men go through before they propose to a woman, Africa women go through the same tough moment. The uncertainty of whether the man will accept her proposal or not automatically discourages her to even make an attempt to pronounce her love for the man.

Women are very sentimental and it will damage them both psychologically, physically, and emotionally if they get turned down by a man. The Africa women don’t propose to men when they consider this could be the results of their action.

Because men are naturally considered to propose to women, it is normal for a woman to turn their proposal down and the society will see nothing wrong with that. But in an Africa community, it is a big deal if a woman is unfortunate to reveal her feelings to the wrong man. If the man is not mature in wisdom, the probability of everybody hearing of the woman’s proposal; to him is higher.

And no Africa woman in her right senses will want to go through such misfortune.

Africa women don’t propose to men because they may be considered cheap or easy to get.

One thing Africa women are good at the tactics they employ before they will accept a man’s proposal. Sometimes an answer of acceptance or ignoring the man’s proposal could take weeks and if the woman wants to play difficult to get, it can take her month to reply.

These tactics have been the reason that the women think they will be considered easy to get or cheap if they accept the man’s proposal in the short possible time. This is even when the proposal is coming from the man who is considered the right way of a proposal in Africa societies. So imagine if the woman will dare to take the bold step to propose to a man.

Africa women don’t propose to men because they don’t want the men to think they are easy to get or cheap. They want to be seen as treasures to the men.

Africa women don’t propose to men because they think the men will have the power and choice of approval 

Africa women believe the power, choice, and title to approving a love proposal should come from them. When it turns the other way round, it means they are giving their natural and cultural right to the wrong person. They believe they are entitled to approval of love proposal from the men.

So, to keep and protect their right, Africa women don’t propose to men. They want to enjoy what is traditionally endowed to them. In fact, they love to have the power and authority to make choices over the man they want to love. Also, they feel the pride when men beg and seek for their love. To them, that is one true sentimental sign of being a woman.

Africa women don’t propose to men because such relationship don’t last

It is very sad to see when relationships hit the rocks. In the Africa society, men are considered very boastful and arrogant beings. So, they take such unfortunate character into their love affairs. After all, he doesn’t care much because it was the woman who came for him. Some men can go to the extent of explaining to the woman that he did not even love her in the first place, if he did, he would have proposed to her.

This is very childish of Africa men but it is a reality. They always want to showcase that they are the decision makers and whatever they say must be taken by their women. The Africa women don’t propose to men fear of relationship breakup, where the woman will always be reminded that she is the one who is deeply in love.

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Other than it is an insult to the woman’s dignity, respect, and pride, it is a shame on her in the society when the relationship does not work. So it is a typical character of Africa women to not propose to a man to avoid any heartbreak.