6 outrageous reasons why Africa men like women with waist beads

Reasons why Africa men like women with waist beads

Africa women are naturally endowed with beauty. Africa women are most attracted to men at a spot. There is one secret that is considered a habit and more likely a traditional fashion about Africa women. And this secret is the wearing of waist beads.

Africa women are notably the racial women who wear beads compared to other races of women. A true Africa woman will never forego her waist beads for anything else. But the contemplating issue is why do Africa men like women with waist beads. An Africa man will encourage her woman to wear waist beads.

In this post of ajonafrica.com, we take a look at the outrageous reasons why Africa men like women with waist beads.

Africa is widely known for its complex and culture and traditional experiences. Beads in general play significant roles in Africa societies. Beads are very vital in the life of an African girl as she grows into adulthood.

Beads help to give perfect waist shape of Africa women

In most Africa societies, it’s believed that beads help to give a perfect waist shape of a woman. So for an Africa woman to have the sexiest waist shape, she has to wear waist beads. In fact, most Africa men are noted for proposing to women who have that perfect curvy waist. That is exactly what the average  Africa man will look for in a woman.

Also, aside from the shape of the waist that the beads help the woman to have, it also helps to form a beautiful ass. Unlike men of the Western World, Africa men like women with big round ass. They seldom go in for a slim woman with slim ass. Because of this, most slim women don’t want other women to be chosen over them, so they have to wear the waist beads. Some even go to the extent of taking drugs that will give them big round ass to meet the taste of the men. Africa men like shaped waist and big ass and that’s why Africa men like women waist beads.

Wearing beads is a sign of dignity and pride of an Africa woman.

Most Africa men prefer their women to be recognized in the society as a real cultured African woman. As mentioned earlier, beads are a traditional item and a symbol for many purposes. It is worn by royals, prestigious people and very respected people in African societies.

Every Africa man will want her woman to be respected in the society, will want to address his woman like a royal and hence, Africa men like women with waist beads. Wearing waist beads is one form of distinguishing a male from a female. Yes, aside from the natural biological, physical and hormones that differentiate male from female, beads also in a way assist to specify these differences.

This doesn’t mean Africa men don’t wear beads. They wear wrist beads, neck beads, but waist beads are strictly for the women.

Africa men like women with waist beads because it turns them on.

In Africa sexual cultures and practices. Waist beads play a romantic role during sexual intercourse between a man and a woman.  There is no doubt that there are many things that turn men on but, in Africa, a woman’s waist beads seems to be a general preference for men.

Once the man sees the beautiful colored beads over the woman’s curvy hips, his libido is believed to rise. He quickly turns into the state of erection and he is ready to have sex with the woman. The waist beads are like a magnet to the men. Most Africa men like women with waist beads because they love to see the waist more accentuated.

The women will testify to the fact that, most of the men hate to see them without waist beads and they easily lost appetite for sex at times when their woman is not wearing waist beads.

Some women will tell you they only wear the waist beads because their men like it and they want to make them happy and satisfy them with their sexual needs. Some women don’t wear their waist beads till it’s bedtime.

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For the sake of love, modernization and youth enthusiasm has called for some women to design the name of their man on the beads they wear. This was not the normal traditional waist beast wearing practices. But the youth have notice how to add more gist to their romantic affairs and so, the women have introduced waist beads customization.

The men also love to see their names on the waist of their women. After all, it helps to strengthen the sexual relationship and also the love between the man and the woman.

Indeed Africa men like women with waist beads and that’s the way it will go. Because of the high patronization of waist beads, the beads making industry is one among the lots that have never complained about business. Because they get their profits as they want. The above mentioned are the reasons why Africa men like women with waist beads.